A Message From Zak


It is truly humbling to have earned the support of hundreds of you and coming within just votes of victory. Thank you!

We started this campaign with an idea for Better Streets and it quickly morphed into other ideas like beautification efforts and preserving our environment. I was excited as anyone to work toward these goals. 

This campaign wasn’t about anything but Lauderdale and making our city better for everyone. This was nothing to do with other politicians, candidates, or political parties. We had people from all walks of life and all political biases - I am so very proud of that because that’s the way it should be. I made it clear if I was to be elected I wouldn’t be serving political party interests - I’d be serving your interests.

So even though it didn’t work out the way had hoped and worked so hard for, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope to help in anyway I can to work on a Better Lauderdale.

God bless -
Zak Knudson